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Feb 18

So I drew something.

Gift art for Compass_Ink and Mako_lies over at FFLand, by far one of the best places I joined in 2011. 

The art isn’t the best though. Liked it when I did it, now it just looks like 25 hours of regret. 

I didn’t use purple hair because there were so much confusion regard to just what her design meant to look like, figured it’s just easier if I stuck with the one concept art and go all personally crazy with it. Consider the concept art looked like this, I was left a tad confused. 

Decided hell with it and going with it and I refuse to make her all frail and paper-pale looking, consider she’s a pirate and all. Pretty much did the whole thing with the sprite design in mind rather than any CG following that. 

Man I wish I have that kind of freedom with the later games.