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Oct 9

Custom stationery no. 7 - Alex Woodward

This thing.

This is for Alex. I fart thou, thou fart I. For the windwaker. 

Theme - Something Yosuke. For a personal challenge, I’m not allowed to draw anything and have to use all the available resource and make it pure graphics rather than drawing. Harder than everything added together, but I’m happy with the result. 

Mar 4

PSP case carving: Persona series

For the winner of the GamingUnion’s contest, who also happened to be someone unbelievably awesome

Done ages ago, just can’t say that I’ve been too good with this keep up with Internet thing. 

Dec 23

Merry Christmas guys

EDIT: Because I didn’t realise that Tumblr keeps transparency, my last upload may have been more baffling than it needs to be. So here, have an updated version.

Because no way in hell I’ll finish colouring before the actual day.That and the line art scanned terribly.

This is all Alex’s fault. Just let you know. 

Dec 3

Nov 26

Jul 1

Jun 6

Now it refuse to save.

May 17

Just bought Persona 4. Alex, you should consider a career on selling ideas.

(Though it also might have something to do with the other 12 people who kept on suggesting me to give it a go. Now I have to hook up my PS2 again.)